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What you believe in as a team influences the type of clients that want to work with you, but especially which people want to come and work with you. Therefore, we are proud to share our core values with you.

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We like transparent agreements with all our customers and the IT professionals we work with. Internally, all available IT professionals and all open IT vacancies are discussed. This enables us to ensure that our candidates have as much peer-to-peer comparison as possible and that we always put the needs of our clients and candidates first.


Nothing is developing as fast as the world of IT. Therefore, we always try to keep up to date with the latest techniques and developments. In doing so, we try to implement as many 'practical innovations' as possible at DIQQ. These are innovative developments, such as an ATS system that uses artificial intelligence, which makes our daily work easier and enables us to achieve the maximum result for our clients.


At DIQQ, our clients always have one point of contact. This saves time and ensures that we really get to know you, which is important because we aim to make long-term placements. We believe that the best matches are created when an IT professional is not only matched with a company that is looking for their particular skill set ('skill fit'), but also someone who fits the corporate culture of the organisation ('culture fit').

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Everyone at DIQQ strives to get a little better every week than the week before. Therefore, we organise a bi-weekly knowledge session in which someone from the team, or an outside expert (in the field of sales, marketing or IT), brush up on the team's knowledge. We want to continue growing and developing, both as an organisation and as individuals.


Our recruitment consultants believe in a personal approach. This means that all our clients and all our candidates have a fixed point of contact at DIQQ. This makes every collaboration more personal, faster and a lot more effective. Because our team has a Kanban meeting twice a week, our clients and candidates don't have to worry that possible matches will be 'overlooked'.

Team sport

We often compare recruitment to football. The reason is straightforward: recruitment, just like football, is a team sport where you can only win by working together. That is also one of the reasons that we at DIQQ don't work with targets. Do two recruitment consultants collaborate on a placement with a client together? Then they share the bonus 50/50, which is only fair.

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