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DIQQ - October 15, 2020
DIQQ staff walking towards camera in Amsterdam with a tram in the background.

The world of IT recruitment is very competitive. As a candidate you are frequently approached by recruiters who all claim to have the perfect job for you. As a company you will be approached by multiple agencies who all claim to be the best. The question we often hear from new clients and candidates is: what makes DIQQ unique? We decided to let our team that interacts with clients and candidates on a daily basis, our resourcers and our recruitment consultants, answer this question.

Why I compare DIQQ to a football team is that there is no "you and me" mentality, but an "us" mentality. You never win on your own.'

Despite the many competitors, DIQQ continues to grow at double-digit rates every year, an achievement that is due to the hard work of the team; 'Fun and success work together at DIQQ', says managing consultant Koen van der Drift.

Ambition, team spirit and collaboration form the basis in the office and many football references are therefore made. From the Ajax football artwork in the stairwell, to Johan Cruijff's quote in the waiting room and Matthijs de Ligt's signed shirt in the game room. According to Ezzaldeen Ali, resourcer, the comparison between football and recruitment is quite logical: 'Why I compare DIQQ to a football team is that there is no "you and me" mentality, but an "us" mentality. You never win on your own.'

Twice a week, the entire team sits together during the Kanban meeting to discuss all outstanding vacancies and all available candidates. This way, the team can ensure that they always make the right match for you, whether you are our client or our candidate.

'As a starter at DIQQ you are not immediately thrown in the deep end. Through training and intensive coaching you will be trained step by step'.

The working atmosphere at the office also focuses on this. Resourcer Dennis Prange explains: At DIQQ there is a good mix of hard work, a pleasant atmosphere and fun. You are given the space to express yourself and to continue to develop yourself'.

Another remarkable trend has been seen from the onset: staff turnover is relatively low. There are several reasons for this. 'As a starter at DIQQ you are not immediately thrown in the deep end. You're trained step by step through training and intensive coaching,' says consultant Robin Ekholm.

The low turnover ensures that the in-house knowledge gained with regard to IT recruitment and the personal relationships established with clients and candidates is retained. In addition, the flat organisational structure and the lack of hierarchy is also an advantage. Charity Jung, resourcer, confirms this: 'Nothing is too crazy and there is always room for new ideas'.

No matter how long you work at DIQQ, sharing a new idea is always appreciated. During the Kanban-meetings everyone can introduce his/her idea to the rest of the group. In this way, everyone keeps each other constantly on their toes. The last thing we want to do at DIQQ is to do things because 'we've always done them this way'.

At DIQQ we believe that transparency and innovation are the basis for effective IT recruitment. For customers this means that there is clarity in advance about our way of working and that they have one fixed point of contact at DIQQ. For candidates this means that they do not have to be afraid of 'internal competition'. During the Kanban meetings, all candidates and all open vacancies are discussed with the entire team. In this way, the entire team thinks along with each other about possible matches, which might otherwise be overlooked.

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