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DIQQ - October 10, 2020
DIQQ staff walking towards camera in Amsterdam with a tram in the background.

Recruiters solely interested in quick profits, extreme job descriptions, and no response after submitting your CV. We can all agree that these recruitment clichés don't work for anyone. That's why Michiel de Graaf, the founder of DIQQ, decided it wastime for a fresh approach and established his own company.

In 2017, we began with just one employee in a small office southeast of Amsterdam, aiming to make recruitment more efficient, transparent, and innovative. Today, we are one of the leading IT recruitment agencies in the Netherlands.

Recently, we moved to a new office in the heart of Amsterdam, equipped with 15 to 20 dedicated and experienced staff, ready to take on any challenge and continue our success. Michiel believes true success lies in client and candidate satisfaction, not just placements or revenue. This satisfaction encompasses the final placement outcome and the entire recruitment process.

"We maintain consistency, whether winter or summer, Monday or Friday. Our clients and candidates can always expect the best quality." Hence, we aim to deliver top-notch placements and provide everyone with a pleasant and transparent experience, ensuring the highest quality.

‘I believe candidates are people, not products you can order online like an Uber.’

Michiel firmly believes people remain essential in the recruitment process. While automation has been discussed for years, he recognises that innovation is crucial to enhance the quality and speed of recruitment.

"We continue to innovate using the latest technologies, but staying in constant contact with our clients and candidates helps us know who is available when."

For us, the personal touch of human interaction is the most effective way to work efficiently and guarantee top-quality placements. This approach also permeates our company culture. We highly value teamwork over competition, which is another reason why DIQQ was established.

‘I believe when employees enjoy working together and experience a positive office atmosphere, they excel in their work.’

Instead of competing against each other, everyone collaborates towards a common goal. "By doing so, we ensure clients' and candidates' needs and desires are always our priority. DIQQ can only be successful if you are too." And Michiel's ultimate goal? Becoming the most prominent and finest IT recruitment agency in the Netherlands.

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