How a Kanban and Spotify model lead your business to success

Noah Steen - 20 juni 2023
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DIQQ distinguishes itself from other recruitment agencies using Kanban and the Spotify model. The combination of these methods boosts our team productivity and optimises business processes. This blog explains what a Kanban and Spotify model entails and the benefits of implementing these methods. In addition, we will tell you how we benefit from them.

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a project management method that revolves around visual workflow management. Teams visualise and organise tasks using a board and Post-Its so that everyone can easily follow them during a project. This method gives them a clear overview of up-to-date information, allowing them to prioritise better and identify bottlenecks.

kanban method visual
Kanban method

The benefits of Kanban

Before getting started with Kanban, it is good to know what benefits it offers your business:

  • Enhanced workflow
    By visualising and managing the workflow, teams identify and address inefficiencies, resulting in smoother work processes.
  • Quick problem-solving
    Identifying obstacles and bottlenecks during Kanban meetings allows teams to take prompt action and resolve issues faster.
  • Improved collaboration
    Kanban provides a platform for teams to collaborate, share knowledge, and support each other, strengthening team dynamics and improving collaboration.

What is the Spotify model?

The Spotify model is an organisational framework designed by Spotify to enhance agile work processes. This model is based on the principles of autonomy, self-organisation and collaboration and consists of several elements:

  1. Tribes
    Tribes are groups of multiple squads working on related goals or being part of the same domain.
  1. Squads
    These are teams of 8-10 people with different skills responsible for developing and delivering specific products or services.
  1. Chapters
    Chapters consist of employees with similar functions, such as consultants who support each other, sharing knowledge and expertise.  
  1. Guilds
    Guilds are groups of colleagues with shared interests or expertise who come together to exchange ideas, share best practices and inspire each other.

spotify model visual
Spotify model

The benefits of the Spotify model

Are you curious about the benefits of the Spotify model? Here are three of the biggest advantages:

  • Enhanced collaboration
    Forming multidisciplinary teams encourages collaboration and communication between different departments and areas of expertise.  
  • Flexibility and scalability
    This model allows teams to align their work with business needs and respond quickly to market changes.
  • Continuous improvement
    The Spotify model emphasises the pursuit of continuous improvement. Teams experiment, learn from feedback and share successful practices.

The importance of a Kanban and Spotify model

Efficiency and collaboration are crucial for business success. Methodologies such as Kanban and the Spotify model are the cornerstones of modern project management practices. Implementing these streamlines work processes and increases team productivity.  

Kanban and the Spotify model ensure your business runs smoothly, tasks move through phases effortlessly, and everyone knows the expectations.


How we use the Spotify model and a Kanban

At DIQQ, we use a collaboration method based on the Spotify model. QGROUP is the tribe, and our team and the other labels are squads. We form chapters and guilds during our search for the perfect candidate for a client.

QGROUP's recruitment labels start the day every Tuesday and Thursday with a Kanban meeting. We discuss all available candidates we are in contact with, open vacancies, ongoing processes and recent placements per area of expertise. This way, we find the best match for each vacancy and measure our work.

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