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Giorgia La Nasa - 8 december 2022
DIQQ staff walking towards camera in Amsterdam with a tram in the background.

The first introduction to work-life can sometimes be quite scary, especially if you have just finished college. An internship is therefore a great way to gain experience without feeling too much pressure. But what kind of company do you choose? Ideally, you want to intern [SB1] at a company or agency that is successful, shares the same standards and values as you, and gives you the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. Luckily enough I found this and more at DIQQ!

Internship abroad

My name is Giorgia, I am 23 years old and I am an Italian Business and Administration student. In order to complete my bachelor’s degree, my university required me to do a part-time internship not too far from my home. These requirements were absolutely not enough for me. That’s why, taking advantage of the ‘Erasmus+ Traineeship’ grant, I started looking for a company that could make me grow on a business and personal level. And I couldn’t have been luckier. In a matter of weeks I got in contact with DIQQ and, thankfully, everything was set.

My internship as a consultant at DIQQ, part of Q-GRP, was one of the most enjoyable and satisfying experiences I have ever had.

Being able to do an internship at DIQQ not only introduced me to the beautiful city of Amsterdam, but I also got to know many kind and helpful people, my new colleagues. They took me through everything they do. In a short time, I learned all about consulting and everything involved in the recruitment process.

My onboarding's week

DIQQ's office is located right in the heart of Amsterdam (Rokin). It is a lively and exciting environment in which I was welcomed with open arms from my very first day.

During my first week at DIQQ I had a clear onboarding program full of presentations, introductions, and trainings. This included explaining that DIQQ is a big part of Q-GRP and getting to know all the sub-labels. In fact, Q-GRP consists of 6 different labels, each with their own expertise.  

Some other colleagues started the same week as I did, and we had the chance to follow some of the training sessions together. This made it even more fun and interactive.

Work hard, play hard

From my second week I was introduced to different tasks: from the classic LinkedIn search to writing a job posting, and from introducing a candidate to reviewing portfolios. These tasks were new to me, and I believe what I learned through them can be useful in the future. For example, I learned how to get the best out of a job application, how to put together a great resume and how to assess who is a good candidate and who is not.  

Eventually, I arrived at the point where I could get in touch and call my first candidates. This is the most fun and thrilling part of the job: calling a candidate, asking questions, and hoping that the person turns out to be the right fit for the client is always such an interesting process, full of adrenaline and optimism.

A unique company culture

DIQQ has a very special corporate culture and I think this is the secret of their success. Everywhere in the office you can hear laughter and cheerfulness. People come to work with joy.  

Even during the hard work, there is time for a joke. Work and rest are well balanced: for every stand-up (a quick meeting that takes place every morning) there is a great story to be told, for every milestone (small or big) there is excitement, and every Friday everybody gets together for drinks at our office café. This is ultimately what sets DIQQ apart and what makes you want to stay.  

An instructive period

During my internship at DIQQ I grew not only as a student, but more importantly as a person. I was able to challenge myself to do tasks I had never done before. I now feel more confident in my communication and personal skills, and I now know what I am looking for in a company.  

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