The potential of temporary IT professionals: a guide for employers

Mikush Faithfull - 22 March 2022
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As an employer, you sometimes need more hands to complete a project successfully. Hiring temporary staff can be a good solution for this. But which form of temporary work suits your organisation best? We give you an overview of the different possibilities, such as freelance, secondment and staffing. In addition, we explain what we can do for you as an employer.


Freelancers are independent professionals who work on a project basis. They have a lot of freedom and autonomy. Moreover, freelancers work on assignments that interest them. As freelancers, they get to set their own rates and working hours.  

When hiring a freelancer, you aren't tied to a long-term contract, saving you many costs. For example, they often use their own equipment and software. Freelancers are used to working remotely, allowing them to respond flexibly and quickly to your company's changing needs. Our extensive network of IT freelancers enables us to help you find the right person for your project.


You can think of secondment as an exchange programme for professionals. They work at a company temporarily to learn new skills and share their expertise, which can provide fresh and valuable insights for your organisation.  

We offer IT secondment and supply excellent IT professionals with our partner, Rebels. Our IT experts can work with you to solve your capacity issues flexibly and efficiently. One advantage is that secondees are contractually bound to us and, therefore, not employed by you. For example, you save extra costs and time on administration.


As an employer, you can also opt for temporary workers. Temping is a flexible and adventurous form of work where employees temporarily join your organisation through a temporary employment agency. They get the opportunity to work on different assignments at various organisations. This way, they have constant work and can further develop their skills.

Temping is the perfect solution for temporary peaks in work without you as an employer worrying about long-term contracts. We help companies find the right IT experts. Sometimes, the ideal IT temp may live abroad. Together with our partner Qlick, we ensure that foreign IT professionals can come to the Netherlands to work for you.

What kind of temporary staff best suits your business?

As an employer, it's essential to understand the differences between freelance, secondment and staffing when looking for temporary staff. Of course, you want to make the right choice. Hiring a freelancer is ideal for projects that require specific expertise. Secondment is a good choice when looking for long-term temporary support and temping for short-term flexible workers.

The importance of finding the right candidate

Besides choosing a specific type of temporary work, it's also important to consider the candidate's personality and skills. For example, a candidate may have a lot of expertise in a specific area but may not be as good at communicating and collaborating with others. Sometimes, an IT professional doesn't fit the company culture or has little adaptability.  

We offer the best IT experts and support in the selection process. Together, we look at your company's specific needs and discuss the qualities and personalities of different candidates. This way, we find your perfect match.

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