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Sergio Bertijn - 23.03.2021
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It's not about the money

"Recruiters are only in it for the money" - It’s an association that is often made when it comes to the profession. In general, there is a negative stigma attached to recruiters. Not only do people dispute whether a recruiter adds value, but the unsolicited shuffling of resumes is also a common complaint. Fortunately, at DIQQ, we never share your resume with anyone without your permission, and a recent ruling by the District Court of Gelderland may well mean the end of all these practices in any case. Nevertheless, the negative image of a recruiter has been the reason for me to write this blog, as I know that working with a recruiter definitely has its advantages. Hence, in this blog, I want to elaborate on how and why collaborating with a recruitment consultant adds value.

The network of a recruiter

Recruiters are networkers in their hearts and souls. It is one of the most important qualities that a recruiter possesses because not everyone finds it as easy to connect with others. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but by enlisting the help of a recruiter, you can make use of their network. This allows you to quickly contact various interesting companies and perhaps colleagues without it costing you much effort. I have witnessed this myself first-hand during my time at DIQQ. More than 15,000 professionals follow our company page on LinkedIn, and besides, the consultants have large networks varying from 5,000 to 20,000 professionals. Hence, we can reach an extensive group of people in a short period of time, which can only increase your chances of finding that new job or project you have been looking for.

What I personally really enjoy while working at DIQQ is that we do not only work together with our clients and candidates but that we also work together as a team. As an IT professional, the advantage for you is that at DIQQ, you don't hire just one recruiter but an entire team of recruiters who all have a broad portfolio and large network.

Preparation for an interview or test assignment

Every company and every candidate is unique. Everyone experiences a job interview or a test assignment differently. By working together with a good recruiter, who is aware of the selection process, you already have a competitive advantage. As a result, you will always be well prepared for an interview or test assignment. How many interviews does the process consist of? Who are the interviews with? Do I need to make a test assignment? How much time will I spend on making a test assignment? These are all questions that a good recruiter can answer in advance, so you know where you stand during a job interview.


All interviews went well, and your test assignment satisfied the client, but you find it difficult to negotiate the terms of your contract. Negotiating is another quality that many recruiters have mastered to perfection. A recruiter can help you determine a well-considered salary requirement and negotiate this with their client if you want them to do so. For a recruiter, this is a lot easier than for a candidate because they are more experienced. Moreover, in many cases, the recruiter has a long-term relationship with the end client, and therefore the threshold for them to discuss contractual terms is lower.

Post-placement care

It happens too often: You have successfully passed an application process, and you start a new job, thanks to a recruiter, but then you suddenly do no longer exist for them. The recruiter doesn't contact you anymore. The contracts have been signed, the target has been hit, and that is the end of it. I am glad that at DIQQ, we pay attention to the post-placement process. Changing jobs is a big step that can affect your whole life, so we think it is crucial that you feel comfortable in your place. For this reason, the recruiter with whom you will be in contact will maintain regular contact with you during the first two months. This way we can be sure that everything is to your satisfaction. We treat our candidates as we would want to be treated ourselves!

To conclude

There are several reasons to work together with a recruiter. But just as important is that working with a recruiter can also be fun. What I notice every day at DIQQ is that recruiters are very social people. They show genuine interest in you and often have time to discuss how you are really doing. Despite the bad reputation recruiters generally have, I see that our team has been able to make a lot of people happy with a new job in recent years. Therefore, I believe that recruiters, and also our way of working, definitely have an added value for IT professionals.

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