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Loes Blankenstein - 29.04.2021
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Mikush Faithfull started at DIQQ as a Resourcer on the first of March. During the first two weeks, Mikush received intensive training to get him ready for his job as a Resourcer. Today, I sat down with Mikush to find out how he experienced the onboarding process at DIQQ.


What are your primary responsibilities as a Resourcer at DIQQ?

As a Resourcer at DIQQ, you are constantly searching for IT professionals who are open to a new challenge. We do this mainly through the Recruiter Professional Seat on LinkedIn because this allows you to filter potential candidates thoroughly. I also talk to candidates over the phone to get a better idea of their experience, ambitions and what they are looking for. As soon as I have this information, I can then look for a job that is a good fit for someone.

How did you experience your first two weeks at DIQQ?

My first two weeks were intense because you learn a lot of new information in quite a short time. Nevertheless, I really enjoy working here because I enjoy working with people. Besides, I have very nice colleagues. We work with a young team, so there is a very pleasant atmosphere. I am also quite competitive, so I always try to achieve something for my candidates and to become better at what I do.


What kind of training did you have?

In the first two weeks, I have had training in how our database works, which searchterms to use, general terms and conditions, how to best review a resume, and learn different programming languages. That last training was particularly tough, but I'm starting to see more and more connections between job titles and skills.


Which training did you enjoy the most?

What I found very interesting was the training on algorithms. During this training, I learned how you could really stand out to IT professionals and clients. In addition, we were taught how important it is to stay active and post consistently on LinkedIn. Another thing that surprised me during my training is how many things you actually need to pay attention to when reviewing a CV.

Why is DIQQ's onboarding process unique?

You get intensive guidance during the first two weeks, and it's a well put together program. It has really been thought through. You're not thrown in the deep end right away, which I really liked. I think that in this area, DIQQ certainly distinguishes itself from other employers. I also really like the fact that DIQQ gives you plenty of time to learn the basics. As a Resourcer, you don't immediately start with 360-degree recruitment, but you only focus on looking for IT professionals. Once you have mastered this, you will slowly pick up the client contact as well.


 How is the support from your new colleagues?

When you start as a Resourcer at DIQQ, you will be guided and trained by a consultant. In my case, this is Frank Oudshoorn. It is very nice to have a fixed point of contact for my questions, and we really work together as a team. Furthermore, there is a very open corporate culture here, which is very nice.  For example, on Friday afternoons, I can just have a beer with the big boss.


What advice would you like to give to a new starter at DIQQ?

That they should prepare themselves, ha, I am only joking! I want to tell them that they should not be afraid to ask questions. There is a lot of information initially, but take your time to let it sink in. I would also recommend reading up on current trends in the IT industry.


 Finally, how would you describe DIQQ in one word?


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